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The acting is not terrible so much as the story is poorly read more constructed, so it is not horribly painful to watch (the strongest actors of DBSK get the lead roles, so that helps) but don't expect the feeling of "what a great movie!

The husband is a high school student and the wife is a class advisor.

Jaejoong is a transferred student who have lost his parents when he was young and was brought up in an orphanage.

Files with (E) denotes that they are English Subbed. - Beautiful You080419 Music Fair 21[Boy Meets Girl (Opening)][Beautiful You][THSK Cuts ]080502 Music Fighter - Beautiful You080509 Music Japan - Talk Sennen Koi Uta 080726 CDTV Doushite - Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou080726 Music Fair - [Doushite..][Summer Dream]080729 The Music - Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou080408 HEY! - [Talk Performance ]090313 Music Fighter - Talk Survivor 090313 NHK Music Japan - Talk Survivor 090320 Bokura no Ongaku - [Kotoba ni Dekinai] [Bolero][Lion Heart]090321 CDTV - Comment Survivor090322 Ontama Carnival 2009[ Purple Line ][ Summer Dream ][ Doushite ][ Mirotic ][ Bolero ][Full TVXQ Cut - Talk Performances ]090323 Music Edge - Talk Survivor090325 NHK Spring Song - Talk Asu Wa Kuru Kara090330 NTV Music Lovers (THSK Cut) - Kimi Suki Talk Purple Line Talk Bolero Survivor [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006]090621 NHK Eco Save The Future - Stand By U090703 Music Station - Stand By U070203 MNet Club Disney Concert DBSK Cut - A Whole New World070811 THSK The Gospellers Fancam - Towani [.001][.002][.003]060930 A-Nation 2006 (TVXQ Cut) - Sky Rising Sun070929 A-Nation '07 - Choosey Lover, Lovin' You, Summer Dream[.001][.002] (Upload credits: *~ t Og Ta G ~*)080927 WOWOW A-Nation'08 [Doushite][Summer Dream](Upload Credits: *~ t Og Ta G ~* )Part 1 - [.001][.002][.003]Part 2 - [.001][.002][.003][.004]Heart, Mind and Soul Concert - Special (Eng Subbed)[.001][.002][.003][.004][Softsubs]Part 1 [.001][.002]Part 2 [.001][.002]*Performances not in the broadcast (Credits: Fearless_123)[Dead End][Rising Sun][No Pain No Gain][High Time]Credits: sparkskey Love in the Ice Try My Love Choosey Lover Heart, Mind and Soul with Skoop on Somebody[All Stars] Won't Be Long080503 Towani with The Gospellers Shine (Credits: sparkskey)Summer Dream (Credits: sparkskey)Junsu - Rainy Night (Credits: reinmagick)Yoochun - My Girlfriend (Credits: reinmagick)Yunho - Crazy Life (Credits: reinmagick)Jaejoong - Maze (Credits: reinmagick)Changmin - Wild Soul (Credits: reinmagick)[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4]070526 MTV VMAJ - Red Carpet Show070526 MTV VMAJ - Winning Best Buzz Korea Speech070526 MTV VMAJ - O Jung Ban Hap (Korean Japanese Remix)070526 MTV VMAJ - Backstage MTV VMAJ Interview on MTV Buzz Asia (Eng Subbed)070527 2007 MTV VMAJ Report On Cable TV (Eng Subbed)070528 MTV VMAJ Interview on MTV Korea (Eng Subbed)070605 All Eyes On DBSK in MTV VMAJ (Eng Subbed)070616 Making of MTV VMAJ (Eng Subbed)Disc 2 - Talk To You [Introduction][Yoochun][Jaejoong][Changmin][Yunho][Junsu Ending][Short Questions][Beautiful Life Sketch]Disc 3 - Miscellaneous Clips [News Report - Yunho Junsu's SATs][Analysis of TVXQ's Charms][Yunho's Prank][New House Tour][2005 SBS Competition Sketch]Making of [Beautiful Life][Tonight][Winning 1st award - Hug][Photo Gallery Slideshow with DBSK Commentary][Love Letter Cuts]Disc 2 - Variety Show (E)01 Introduction02 Cooking Show03 Brother News04 Survivor Quiz05 Radio Star06 Popular Songs07 Making Film of Variety Show Disc 3 - Drama (E)[ Drama NG Scenes ] [ Drama Making Film ]Disc 4 - Talk (E)[ Yun Jae ] [ Jae Su ] [ Jae Min ] [ Jae Chun ] [ Yoo Su ][ 2U/Ho Chun ] [ Yoo Min ] [ Xi Min ] [ Ho Min ] [ Ho Su ]Disc 5 - Making (E)01 CF Photo Sketch (1)02 AADBSK Exhibition & Event03 Vacation Poster Sketch04 Fighting Spirit Jacket Sketch05 2006 Summer SM Town Jacket Sketch06 Red Sun MV Sketch07 O Jung Ban Hap Jacket Sketch08 O Jung Ban Hap MV Sketch09 CF Photo Sketch (2)10 O Jung Ban Hap 1st Stage Behind Story11 Vogue Magazine Photoshoot12 OJBH Ver.

I try to upload files that are subbed (thanks to the awesome & dedicated individuals who sub them) whenever it is possible. - Talk Purple Line (E) (Credits: arbitraryeffigy @ LJ)[MU][MF .001,.002]080202 Music Fair - [Opening] [Purple Line - MU, MF - .001,.002]080211 TBS Gekko Ongakudan - Purple Line080315 Music Fair 21 [Opening][Purple Line]080301 Music Fair 21 - Towani080308 Music Fair 21 - Opening Chemistry080322 Music Fair - Finale080414 HEY! C Repackaged Jacket Sketch13 CF Photo Sketch (3)14 OJBH Ver.

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