Rapid updating

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Other methods and systems are known which generate credit scores on a monthly basis using bimonthly data from credit reporting organizations and monthly historical data for a particular account.

Financial institutions such as credit card issuers use the credit scores and data to determine whether and to what extent to extend credit to a consumer.

The ‘Rapid Update’ process is a manual overnight update intended only for correcting significant errors that might, for example, prevent someone getting a loan.

It is used to make sure the most serious cases are dealt with quickly by banks and financial institutions.

This dissimilarity matrix is transformed into a lower-dimensional space by use of MDS.

Responses mapped in the lower-dimension space are clustered, and on the basis of the distances between the models in a cluster and the actual observed response, the closest models to the observed response are retrieved.

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linear gradient coefficient, and time and depth, At the same time, initial velocity models are almost always in need of refinement.

The En KF performance is only optimal, however, if the prior-state vector is linearly related to the predicted data and if the joint distribution of the prior-state vector is multivariate Gaussian.

Therefore, it is challenging to implement the filtering scheme for non-Gaussian random fields, such as channelized reservoirs, in which the continuity of permeability extremes is well-preserved.

Model updates within the closest cluster are performed using En KF equations.

The results of an update are used to resample new models for the next step.

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