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You will need a good quality camera for your streaming.

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After surgery and testing it was confirmed that the young hawk would not be able to fly well enough to be released back into the wild and in August 2014 he was transferred to the Cornell Raptor Program where he is now adjusting to life in the care of the program director and students.) overview of when it happens and how both parties should handle it. The poop conversation breaks down walls and secures a level of intimacy few people get to experience with other people in their lives.Think of the conversation as a precursor to the wedding ring -- a way to clear the air about everything you've ever done -- before you make a lifetime commitment.It's like listing all your past sexual partners, except partners made out of digested food. I know it's not ideal to be plagued by a case of the shits, but -- speaking from personal experience -- being on the brink of an emergency rectal blowout is the easiest time to gracefully slip the act of defecation into the conversation. Start off with something like, "Babe, I love you, but what you're about to hear and smell in the next 10 minutes might change your life forever." Then, after you're all cleaned up, talk about what just happened.Plus, feeling embarrassment about the most thing on Earth is just ridiculous. You might be pleasantly surprised to hear that your SO doesn't really care about the atrocities you committed in the bathroom. To find out how having "the talk" could change your relationship, get the full story at Thrillist.com!

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