Dating members all over venezuela

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Montenegro held a referendum and declared itself independent from Serbia on 3 June.On 28 June 2006 it was accepted as a United Nations Member State by General Assembly resolution A/RES/60/264.His release was considered a major breakthrough in the country’s political standoff.His lawyer, Juan Gutierrez, wrote on Twitter that “there is no legal justification to revoke the house arrest measure”.In recent days, both leaders have called on Venezuelans to join protests against Mr Maduro over the creation of an all-powerful legislative body called the constitutional assembly, which was elected on Sunday.

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While it boycotted that vote, the opposition plans to take part in regional polls in an effort to limit President Nicolas Maduro's power.

The Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was admitted as a Member of the United Nations by General Assembly resolution A/RES/46/237 of .

The Republic of Slovenia was admitted as a Member of the United Nations by General Assembly resolution A/RES/46/236 of .

'Murderous tyranny' Undaunted by suspicions of widespread fraud by the government during the July 30 vote, on Wednesday Venezuela's main opposition coalition has announced it is to register candidates to run in December's gubernatorial elections.

With Maduro's ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela expected to lose, council officials had scrapped last year's scheduled regional votes.

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