Android news widget not updating

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This happens even if the apps are allowed to auto start in the security settings.- install some app with informational widgets like e Weather HD, Widgetsoid or 3G Watchdog.- create and customize a widget - allow the app to autostart - restart the phone and use it normally for some time.Apple introduced the widget system in i OS 8 at the first time and continue to be developed it until i OS 10.Widget provides an easy way to access applications that support, quickly and easily.Third party widgets are updated only on phone reboot.During normal use they won't refresh data until the phone is turned off and restarted again.Unlike Android ADK, your Android device will act as the USB host, while your Arduino board will act as the USB device.For the following application to work, you will require an Android device that supports USB host mode as well as the USB host API.

XDA member Xdroid Perfect has come forward with his modded Accu Weather widget that will replace the original widget found in current Galaxy phones to look like that of Galaxy S4.

Make sure you have it on your phone before attempting to install.

To avoid any mishap, do not forget to backup your current ROM in CWM.

It will not work with a restart of the phone either.

A message pops up every few minutes letting me know it stopped working and I can't continue using the phone until I clear the message.

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