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Gibraltar may well be a British Crown Colony but geographically it's an isthmus of Spain (you can walk across the road, though you do have to pass by some pretty tough customs guards).

This proximity over the years has caused no end of irritation on the part of the Spanish government.

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There is an ongoing, off-and-on quarrel between Britain and Spain about who owns Gibraltar.Earlier on Monday, the British territory’s chief minister accused Spain of acting like North Korea and “sabre rattling” over the continuing dispute.Fabian Picardo, Gibraltar’s chief minister, said that Jose Garcia-Margallo, Spanish foreign minister, was acting like General Franco, the former dictator.The process made the tiny cracks of the geological faults of Gibraltar grew into very long passage and deep caverns over the thousands of years of its formation.It has also resulted in amazing stalactites and stalagmites being formed in the caverns by permitting the accumulation of bits of the dissolved rock that drips in much the same way as a candle will build up wax along its sides as the melted wax builds up.

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