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If you are OR you are a Parent with little technical ability, this is for you!

Netsanity, for example, makes the process much easier with point and click Apple i OS parental controls, and Android parental controls along with knowledgeable support and a cloud-based, easy to use parental dashboard, built for new “tech parents.” Sign up for a 14-day Free trial here.

especially, if you are planning on using Periscope for business.

Also, here’s everything you need to know about Periscope on Android (the core features are the same as i OS app, but there are a few differences as well).

The following blog post may seem long and get somewhat technical at times, but guess what?

The minute you bought your child a smartphone, laptop, tablet, gaming console or any other Internet connected device you became a technical parent!

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Be sure to take a free trial of our parental control service and tools to see how we enhance built in i OS and Android parental controls.You trust your kids, but you also know that with kids you need to take the proper precautions at home and away, to make sure that they stay safe and do not venture into the seedy world of internet porn and other dangerous or inappropriate social media.Now, you may be an IT guru – and even work as a software engineer knowing network routing, DNS, IP encryption, and you may have even built your own router at home so you can have full control over what happens!Currently you can pay with any type of credit card (VISA, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, Discover and JCB), by Pay Pal and by bank wire/payment.For information about why your credit card was declined or rejected, please contact your bank or credit card vendor.

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