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I purchased it because #1 – it fit my delivery window (or so I thought! I called your customer service team this morning – was “disconnected” twice and spoke to a service manager the last time. When I told him I didn’t care about his excuses – I wanted to know how they were going to make it right – he told me I could reorder – through another seller- at a higher price – with no guarantee of delivery. I told him that I HAD (notice past tense) plans that I now was cancelling – that I was very unhappy – and they were not offering a solution.

However, lying and cheating can happen, and distance makes deceit easier to hide, for longer.

If you spot some of these signs in your long distance relationship, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner misleading you, but be cautious.

This is hard to swallow for most Christian singles.

Especially when they’ve always been told that as long as you live a decent Christian life and look presentable that you are all set. and make full use of it, most of your blessings will be passing you by.

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