Server shutting down cs meta dll finished updating

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In order to do so, I need to free it, otherwise I get the following message : "Unable to copy file "Process.dll" to "Process.dll".The process cannot access the file 'Process.dll' because it is being used by another process." So the question is : How to programmatically free/release/unload the Regarding your Edit 3.If not what would happen to a long running job if I did stop/start the Quartz service?You cannot update the job dll without restarting the service. To achieve something like dynamic reloading you would need to use programmatically created app domains etc.

For the time being, I'm gonna take a break for some time and go back to good old regular coding as I have a project to deliver :-)One thing you can also do to help decrease the downtime from the process of: Wait for old App Domain to finish any tasks, unload the old App Domain, copying the new DLL, then load a new App Domain is using Shadow Copy Assembiles. @Mika Jacobi: Behind the scenes the App Domains need a type defined in an assembly which they both share.

Once the server has started it loads the the job dll and the loaded types stay in memory. If you stop the scheduler you can pass a bool parameter whether to wait for jobs to complete first.

Then you would be safe with jobs completing and no new ones would spawn meanwhile the scheduler is shutting down.

i m using SDL tridion 2013.i m stoping Com plus, Tcm Publisher, Tcm Search Indexer, Tcm Service Host before copying dll some time dll copied successfully but most of time it failed due to holding a lock on the dll.

Since way back I have been working with a batch file (which calls a script for COM shutdown) called from a post build event in Visual Studio to deploy to my development environment (note this only really works if run on the server itself - but I typically develop event system code on the server, in order to debug it).

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