Is viggo mortensen dating ariadna gil

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I mean, when I was a little kid, some of my first memories are waking up and going, “Ugh, I’m gonna die”… But he is returning to the silver screen with a new movie called Captain Fantastic that debuted at Cannes, about a man who chooses to raise six his kids away from society.

En los Premios Oscar de esta noche, Viggo Mortensen ha sido nominado a Mejor Actor por su papel en la película Captain Fantastic.

Did you know that Aragorn from "Lord of the Rings" drives a Ford Fusion in real life?

It's one of many interesting tidbits from a new Esquire cover story about Watertown High School and St. The actor picked up writer Lisa De Paulo at Syracuse Hancock International Airport and drove her in his rental car to his hometown of Watertown and back as she interviewed him about his new movie "Captain Fantastic." "Two and a half hours into our journey, Mortensen and I stop for coffee at a joint he likes because his mother used to go there as a teenager," De Paulo writes. We sit at the bar, and no one seems to recognize him, not even the pretty bartendress he chats up about Syracuse basketball." Of course, one waitress did recognize him -- but as her classmate, not the Hollywood star who was nominated for an Oscar for the 2007 gritty crime thriller "Eastern Promises." She wanted to know if he was coming to their 40th high school reunion in July.

The 57-year-old Danish-American added that his desire to create things, be they movies, poems or paintings, is probably motivated by his fear about dying. It goes quick.’ Viggo, who first appeared in Harrison Ford’s 1985 movie Witness, added that growing up in a rural area outside of New York could have been the cause of what he calls a life-long ‘obsession’. ‘Once I realized that animals are gonna die, hence I’m going to die…’ His LOTR alter-ego Aragorn was haunted by his own death too, being a mortal man in love with the immortal elf Arwen.

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Mortensen es un actor danés-estadounidense, y se casó con la actriz y cantante Exene Cervenka de 1987 a 1998.'It was awful to see how far all kinds of people - as good, bad and ordinary as we are - strayed off the path of their better intentions. You would have to have a heart of stone not to be moved.' Mortensen is no bland Hollywood sex god.He was nominated for a clutch of awards - an Oscar, Screen Actors' Guild and Golden Globe - last year for his role as Russian mafia fixer Nikolai Luzhin in David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises."He's a tough son of a bitch," the 57-year-old actor told Esquire of his father."He rallied." The interview took place mostly in the car, though they made stops at an unidentified Upstate New York waterfall, a diner by Lake Ontario, and a pharmacy to pick up medicine to bring to Mortensen's father at his Watertown farmhouse.

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